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Clean Energy Solutions Must Include Nuclear

The scale of global environmental challenges demands that we continue developing and improving on a range of low-carbon options, not just one or two technologies, argues experts from ClearPath, Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF), Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) Forum and the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC).

Corporate boardrooms need policy ‘rules of the road’

Roll Call
ACCF and Bipartisan Policy Center: As the role of businesses in society evolves, a government rethink is critical

ACCF Statement on Green New Deal

ACCF Executive Vice-President George David Banks on today's introduction of Green New Deal legislation

Shareholder activism is on the rise, but companies are fighting back

CNN Business
"It can start with disclosure, and then goes to, why haven't you reached X?" says Tim Doyle, vice president for policy with the American Council for Capital Formation. "It's the beginning of a slippery slope when a shareholder recommendation turns into things that shareholders can ask for in the future."

How Rural States Are Leading the Clean Energy Revolution

Real Clear Energy
What does this rural energy revolution mean for Washington? The good news is that there are plenty of people who are passionately working to make our energy more affordable, more reliable, more secure and cleaner. Together we can generate a brighter future for our children and our grandchildren. Leaving them a better world is, after all, what motivates us all.

70 percent tax is total fantasy

The Hill
Raise taxes to 70 percent, and with a click of a computer button, trillions of dollars will escape across the our borders and beyond the grasp of the IRS, which will collect 70 percent of zero dollars. That means zero revenues to fund the federal government.

Finally, some fairness in global reporting of greenhouse gas

The Hill
A few weeks ago, the Trump administration scored a major diplomatic victory in international climate policy in the industrial city of Katowice, Poland. While this win won’t receive much attention in the headlines, Trump’s State Department achieved a decades-old foreign policy goal that helps protect U.S. manufacturing and levels the playing field against major economic competitors, particularly China.

SEC to Mull Stricter Shareholder Proposal Rules

Financial Times Agenda Week
The issue has recently been shoved back into the spotlight with the growth of ESG-focused investing, according to Tim Doyle, vice president of policy and general counsel at the American Council for Capital Formation, a nonprofit corporate advocate.

Analysis: Does new congress threaten Trump energy agenda? Not so fast

Robert Dillon offers insight on what energy policy could like in the new political climate.

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  • Does New Congress Threaten Trump Energy Agenda? Not So Fast
    Congress returns with a renewed focus on climate change and clean energy under the direction of the newly minted House Democratic majority. But with President Donald Trump still in control of the White House and a Republican majority in the Senate, prospects for major shifts in policy remain slim. Even in the House where a […]
    Robert Dillon
  • Access to Stock Market Data – Transparent, Detailed, and Timely Data is King
    The SEC has recently focused its attention on transparency regarding all aspects of the capital markets. This is seen by many as an attempt to ensure that Main Street investors have detailed and timely information necessary to make informed investment decisions. One area that has come under review is how, when, and at what cost […]
    Tim Doyle

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