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ACCF Scholar Jason Furman says U.S. economy may be growing faster than data shows

ACCF Scholar and Former Council of Economic Advisers Chair Jason Furman of Harvard University discusses...

The Economy Is Growing Faster Than the Government Says

The Wall Street Journal
The official top-line figure for the first quarter is 2%. A more accurate measure puts the rate at 2.8%.

Donald Trump’s zero-tariff solution

The Washington Times
Zero tariffs would be the ultimate victory for totally free and fair trade. It would advantage the United States most because we already impose the lowest trade barriers. It would also expose many of Mr. Trump’s severest critics as free-trade frauds. President Trump, you should do this because the worst that could happen is our allies may even take you up on the offer.

Economy doing well but more to be worried about in Trump’s policies, former CEA chair says

Jason Furman, Peterson Institute and former CEA chairman, discusses the state of the U.S. economy...

Weighing Whether there are Too Many or Too Few Jobs

The Washington Times
Will there be too few or too many jobs in the future? We are told...

ACCF to President Trump: Back Kigali Amendment to Boost U.S. Competitiveness

  June 20 2018  The Honorable Donald J. Trump President of the United States 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500  Dear...

Bloomberg TV: Banks Discusses Role of Proxy Advisory Firms

ACCF Executive Vice President George David Banks recently sat down with @markets to discuss proxy...

Will Trump’s tariffs help U.S. workers? It could be a wash

A decade ago, Whirlpool controlled about half of the domestic washing machine market. But when...

Mexico makes good on threats to impose tariffs on $3 billion worth of US cheese, pork, and other products

The Washington Post
Mexico said it would impose import duties on $3 billion worth of U.S. products, including cheese,...

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